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[audio]June 14 sermon, - Nathan Mattox
Sermon on 1 Samuel 15, the anointing of David
Keywords: David; Sermon; Samuel; annointing
Downloads: 6
[audio]Laying on of Hands - Pastor Jeff & Mike
Laying on of Hands
Keywords: JAM; Janesville Apostolic Ministries; Laying hands; Healing; Annointing; Holy Ghost; Jesus; Pastor Jeff & Mike
Downloads: 12
[audio]Andy M - God Has Given Each A Calling - Changed Life Church
God works in each differently. You need to be where God's annointing covers you.
Keywords: God; Bible; annointing; sermon; Christian Living; Changed Life Church; Pastor Clyde Warner
Downloads: 2
[audio]Forgivness - Pastor Jeff
Keywords: JAM; Janesville Apostolic Ministries; Forgiveness; Pastor Jeff; Jesus; Joseph; Annointing with oil
Downloads: 13
[audio]POP Service - Extravagant Love - Pastor Katherine Hayes
Pastor Katherine Hayes speaks from John 12, on the subject of "Extravagant Love"
Keywords: prince of peace; church; sermon; annointing; extravagant love; moving forward; not holding back; new creation
Downloads: 22
[audio]Jesus in Leviticus 1-15 - Brenten Powers
English and Latvian Bible study. Brenten Powers, pastor of Calvary Latvia teaches about Jesus from chapter 1-15 of Leviticus (3. Mozus gramata).
Keywords: Latvian; English; Bible study; Jesus in Leviticus; priesthood; sacrifice; annointing; messianic; Old Testament; Calvary Chapel
Downloads: 39
[audio]Sermon, Lent IV, Year A, 2011 - The Rev. Kathryn King
Sermon in which the Rev. Kathryn King leads us to reflect on the healing of the blind man from John's Gospel. 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Ephesians 5:8-14 John 9:1-41 Psalm 23
Keywords: blind; man; john; annointing; eyes; siloam; sent; heal; healing; healed; gospel; grace; episcopal; traverse; city; michigan; kathryn; king
Downloads: 8
[audio]2 Chronicles - Brenten Powers
Bible study in English with Latvian translation. Brenten Powers, pastor of Calvary Bible church, teaches an overview of the book of 2 Chronicles highlighting the work of Jesus in history. Part 1 covers Solomon's reign in chapters 1-9. Part 2 covers the kings of Judah from chapter 10 to 22.
Keywords: Latvian; English; Bible study; Jesus in 2 Chronicles; sovereignty of God; annointing; messianic; Davidic kingdom; Old Testament; Calvary Chapel
Downloads: 61
[audio]Jesus in Leviticus - Brenten Powers
Brenten Powers teaching a series on Jesus in Leviticus. English only (no translation)
Keywords: Church; Riga; Latvia; English; Bible study; Jesus in Leviticus; priesthood; sacrifice; annointing; messianic; Old Testament; Calvary Chapel
Downloads: 101
[audio]Sermon, Advent II, Year A, 8 December 2013 Learning To Listen To And Speak As Prophets PLUS A Visit From Saint Nicholas - The Rev. Daniel P. Richards
Sermon on the Prophets.  Who do you let preach the word of God to you?  Who do you listen to? Who do you trust that much?  And, since we have the Spirit of the Living God indwelling us from our baptism, when do you hear and listen to the word of God and speak it?  These two questions are at the heart of our preparation for Christ.  PLUS we had our annual visit from Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Smyna, who tells the kids about who he was and why he still matters to us today.  Very funny to hea...
Keywords: sermon; prophets; prophet; john the baptist; john; baptist; annointing; indwelling; grace; episcopal; church; traverse; city; michigan; jeff; wescott; daniel; paul; richards; sermon; visit; saint; st; nicholas; advent
Downloads: 20
[audio]God With Skin On Flint 2014 - Reverend Michael F. Copado
This sermon was delivered June 22nd, 2014 at Unity Church of Flint. In it I discuss the notion that each of us is the human embodiment of God's Love on Earth. That each of us has the same "Christos" (anointing) that Jesus had, and that his message was to remind us of that and then commissioned each of us to go forward and do the work that He did, to feed the hungry, comfort the needy, forgive those that need it, and be a source of healing to each other...
Keywords: God With Skin On; Annointing; Pentecost; Wounded Healer; Henry Nouwen; Theresa of Avilla; Jesus; The Great Commission; Dr. Jean Houston; God; Christos
Downloads: 9
[audio]Still Ripples - Episode 18 - The Person and Works of the Holy Spirit, Part 2 of 2 - Greg Joyce & Brian Nelms
Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His place and function in relation to us and the Holy Trinity? Find out today in part 2 of today's Still Ripples!
Keywords: Christian; podcast; God; Jesus; religion; faith; discussion; Bible; Scripture; Apologetics; study; Holy Spirit; conviction; Salvation; inspiration; annointing; indwelling; personal; baptism; unionization; justification; intercessor; works; Christ; interaction; sealed; ministry; evidence; filled with the Spirit; calling; Spiritual gifts; speaking in tongues
Downloads: 16
[texts]Anointing - or Apostasy ? The Latter Rain Legacy by Charles Graves - Charles Graves; etc; church;
This is the ebook Anointing - or Apostasy? The Latter Rain Legacy by Charles Graves. It is not an exhaustive treatment of all of the issues of the Charismatic movements. But it is a good starting place. There are many theological streams and rivers, that have divided and sub-divided again within the past 20 years. However much of the charismatic movements has ties either to William BRanham (a false prophet by standard historic definitions of Christianity), or to the Church growth movement as eng...
Keywords: Rick Joyner; C. Peter Wagner; Bill Hamon; of forces; Cindy Jacobs; charismatic; Bob Jones; dave hunt; grounded; spiriual help; torrey; church deception; two babylons; annointing; holy oil; graves; new latter rain; later:new apostolic reformation; Todd Bentley; Paul Cain; patricia king; seek truth; seek god; Jill Austin; juan carlos ortiz; Global Harvest; charisma; FGBMFI; bill bright; henrietta mears; Hanegraaff; scofield; spoiling egyptians; Shakarian; Elijah List; Pentecostals; Third Wave; acid dreams; church; Jeffersonville; grubb; anderson lee; Jamie Buckingham; Oral Roberts; Jack Coe; A. A. Allen; R. T. Ritchie; Restoration theology; Jeremy Rifkin; marion gordon; akkad; planned deception; ken copeland; wallbuilders; New Wine; George Hawtin; rapture wicked; E W Kenyon; Ernest Hawtin; coe; richard foster; Feast of Tabernacles; replacement theology; renovare; false versions; Bevere; Truscott; Discipleship; earl paulk; ten horns; Phinehas; Larkin; spiritual counterfeit; Charles Simpson; PDI; tomszack; John Wimber; Cy
Downloads: 1,259 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Christianity €“ how to be saved, have eternal life, obtain forgiveness, find God and be a Christ follower [Jesus Christ] - sartre; camus; existential; ximenes; jimenez, diodatti, calvin; luther; catholique; communist; no time; agnostic; atheist; bormann; brotherhood; raptured; universal; fromm; lincoln; jefferson; adams; de gaule; francais; anglais; italien; espagnol; spanien; spanish; spaniard; peron; guavara; castro; lcwe; wcc; cheech; church; rick warren; death resurrction; cross christ; la croix; chretien; crestien; school; escuela; karl marx; radek; lenine; homework; ecole; le reste; bastards; fools 4 christ; jesus christ; cristos; dieu; torrey; tozer; boheme; deos; dios; eglise; zocialisten; wiz; socialisten; barnes; chuck smith; oswald allis; spurgeon; chong; manual; guide; christian socialist; capitalist; skousen; klare; christian; christ follower; chomsky; post industrial; toffler; savage; limbaugh; marx; darwin; matrix; regenerated; delusional; drugs; weeds; 420; fun days; short days; time travel; jesus christ krist; simpsons; kalifa, last chance;
Sure people talk about Salvation, without defining the term. What is salvation ? Is there a short guide that can tell me ? what is Eternal life ? How can someone find or obtain or ask for eternal life ? How does someone become a christian ? Does conversion involve some external ritual, or is it an action od the will, a conscious intention ,and asking God to save you ? Do I have to repent ? What would I repent from ? How does God pay any penalty for the sins I have committed ? How can I be sure t...
Keywords: Eternal life; how to be saved; engagement personel; born again; reborn; rebirth; virgin birth; Jesus Christ; Krist; ixoye; Christos; xristos; kristus; eternity; salvation works; sanctification works; pupose driven; spiritual truth; spirituality; acim; biblical truth; biblicist; zeolla; textus; third heaven; spiritual delusion; seminary; seminaire; pastor; mark marc beast; shepherd; shepherding; vie eternel; vida; nouveau testament; ancient testament; feminism; skeptic; atheism; atheist; agnostic; christianity; jesus; jesu; yesu; isa; issa; iesus; pas l'eglise; symbolic currency; earring slavery; esclave; esclavage; afrique; arabie seoudite; seven sisters; oil nations; pour contre; post; apres; fin monde; end times; seven years; falling away; cainites adl; cain abel; occult theocracy; novo seclorum; rosicrucian; babylone; predication; pasteurs; desert; la ley; istoria; charles lea; adopted; manifested sons; conspiracy; conspiration; apostate; blasphemy; john locke; karl marx; sang greal; royal; survive; dissertation; love kindness; gentleness; psaumes; end of days; end times; prophetic; annointing; usar; these; honorable discharge; military; dilema; quandary; corruption; good bad; judges; magistrate; lieber; verbo; grammar; dictionaire; erasmo; 616; sovereignty; no citizen here; orphan; foster homes; emancipated; learn study skills; resenment; sins burden; fardeaux; chauvin; annointing; life purpose; diodatti; bon dieu; le seigneur; dilema; registration; court procedure; option; choices; thinking; intellectual; craigslist; wikipedia; college; wikipaedia; france; eurasia; eurasian; table of nations; alpha beta; nimrod; zeus; iapetos; jupiter; javan; ionian; nations tribes; chine; anglais; religieus; alpha omega; genesis ten 10; koine greek; ancient greek; vetus itala; ghostly guild; scholarship; council; foreign truth; post millenial; personal relations; romans; tischendorf; textual criticism; estate of god; city of god; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015; 2050; 1688; christian links; telecharger; gratuis; gratis; predestination; no monopoly; 2020; private property; libertarian; liberalism; allegory; university studies; allegoric; patria; loco parentis; nunca mas; dictatorship; inquisition; emancipation; slavery; civil rights; turque; grec ancient; latina; global 2000; discovery; alice wonderland; carter bailey: karma cola; sanscrit; banned; free speech; true islam; islem; six six six; bill bright; mears; counterfeit; details; spurgeon; scofield; cyrus; scoffield; gary north; reconstruction; rushdoony; armenian christian; turkish; personal growth: spiritual dimentilatter on; younggi cho; bible societies; society; ohne; versions; editions; geneva; de beze; rick warren; roman catholic; universal; universel; universalism; undo curses; generational curses; wizard truth; video dvd; games; possession; demon; keine; demonic; demoniaque: deliverance; beautiful evil; bible translation; traducteur; open door; dhimmi; translate; transliteration; elect; paraphrase; westcott; hort; nida; muslem; muslim; mahdi; mahhdi; religious persecution; human rights; constitutional; thomas jefferson: john adams; founding fathers; mp3; christian nation; xian; mahadi; christian how to: mechanism salvation; ipad; ipod; baptizo; baptiso; rapturo; rapture; snatched away: daniel revelation: ezekiel daniel; baptism; ezechiel; bibbia; biblia; 144; twelve thousand; freedom; liberty; alex; jones; alexandrian; egyptian copies; hug; alzog; europa; european union; wickedness; sea glass; repentance; regret; remorse; young death; baby; pregnancy; emotional; too late; scorpions pitt; left behind; matrix; mind; programming; programme; main morte; anglo; saxon; norman; goat ramm; foundation; sacred name; yeshua; trimm; rood; hrm; hebrew roots; devil; satan; lost at sea; lucifer false; morning star; ritual deliverance; holy water; sacred veil; sacre; nouvel age; rammeau; mary magdalene; church; ecclesia; connection God; ekklesia; conversion; converting; precription; recipe; agape love; lewis tolkien; hobbit; frodo; bilbo; fellowship of the ring; two towers; millenial; return of the king; your life; personal biography; harry potter; dreams visions; la; interpretation; omen; judy blume; goosebumps; teenager; wasteland; apocalypse; revelation; saint john; saint jean; abraham; abram; gospel; evangelile; evangelique; liberte presse; la prensa; liberte parole; jasher; young illusion; disobedience; 9 inch; registrant; registration; opting out; personal confession; belief; unbelief; verite; ucid dream; santana; satanas; theophostic; summer akkad; sitchin; tom horn; babylon; acid dreams; dreams; visions; rowling; legacy; mortmein; love of God; early christians; clement; east; music: musiciens; christmas easter; rayer; prier; prior; superman; wronski; title deed soul land; priory prieure; baigent; holy blood holy grail; sion; lifer; david clarence; natural disaster; tolerance; toleration; legal or lawful; friends; friendly; amity; amitier; law training; attorn; allodial; unforgiven; sativa; cannibis; marijuana; mary jane; purple haze; rouche; europe banks; death murder; flood noah; prescription pill; banquiers; volunteer minstry; call of god; six hundred; personal testimony; will of god; ten 10 commandments; mel blanc; eternal security; amour de dieu; no waive rights; horoscope; futre predictions; alcoholism; addiction; earthquake; rejected; piano training; death blues; grim reaper: city london; maximum; five 5 nations; good person; feel bad; true life; not malthusian; confederacy; tatoo; 420; amharic; ink how; denarius; denare; dinar; queen elizabeth; real; reality; puritain; puritan; pilgrim; name jesus; namen; court conference; affidavit; sixty six; despondent; example; faith God; volcano; feeings; stargate gods; global universal history; internationalist; census training; field manual; canonization; unpopular; ascended; gibson; christopher; hitchens; columbus; lincoln; hebreu; quo vadis; pontifex; iranien; despair; litterature; roots; farsi; halassi- alcoholic; histoire; third temple; dome rock; federal reserve note; communication skills; unhappy; seeking; none dare call; eternal condition; questions answers; dates bible; ecole; occult lady; BC BCE; anno domini; ancient inn; logan; censored speech; eveque; archon; spiritual condition; starvation; famine; kartel; cartel; spiritualism; ethiopie; occultism; occultist; wicca; witchcraft; lost tribes; 1984; incubus; curses; blessings; comment apprendre; positive attitude; sin nature; manual; guild; guide; school; instruction; not pelagian; octavian; grandparents; unconditional love; youtube; sucubus; man sin salvation; perdition; new messiah; le messie; israelite; christianismo; christianisme; rastafari; gramaire; sons men; prophecy; langue; emergent; mystical; mysticism; twilight; vampire; shape shifter; mib men black; prophetic; annointing; christed: righteous; grammaire; unrighteous; convict; prisoner; prisonner; prisonier; convicted; exonorated; bankrupt; estate berth; authentic; no rights; real; fake history; generation; before death; after death; griving; abortion; avortement; help me god; peace mind; peacefull; strength
Downloads: 1,338 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
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